Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Soon to be Released!

Faery Special Romances

by Jacquie Rogers

Yes, you knew it had to happen sooner rather than later. Keely, from Faery Good Advice, is starring in her own anthology! Faery Special Romances, written by Keely's scribe, Jacquie Rogers, promises to be full of adventure and romance. Beginning in 1199 A.D. with the faery Shaylah and her handsome knight, Sir Darian, and ending with Keely's own romance in contemporary times, we follow her from kindergarten through adulthood.

Stay tuned for more information about the stories!

Look for more anthologies from the New Voice in Historical Romances, Highland Press.

Special thanks to the multi-talented Deborah MacGillivray who created the bookcover!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blue Moon Magic--15 Great Stories!

Fifteen Great Stories
Fifteen Wonderful Authors

Once in a Blue Moon, anything can happen. The first volume, Blue Moon Magic, will be out any day. And don't miss volume two, Blue Moon Enchantment, with fifteen more wonderful stories including Dawn Thompson's sequel to her Blue Moon Magic story.

Here are the reviews for Blue Moon Magic!
Reviewed by Jacquie Rogers, author of Faery Special Romances

Belle of the Blue Moon Ball
By Dawn Thompson

Faery enchanting!

Lady Arabella Gilmartin and Nigel Reardon, Earl of Everton, were destined for each other but not getting very far--in fact, they hadn’t even met. The faery Oberon and his friend Puck plan to steer the two toward the marriage altar and . . . well, let’s just say things don’t always go exactly as planned!

Dawn Thompson has penned two outstanding novels, and has now shown her talent in the short story format as well. I highly recommend this delightful Regency tale full of magic, humor, and hope, and I’m looking forward to reading the sequel by Ms. Thompson in Blue Moon Enchantment. Awesome!

Where the Sea Meets Skye
By Erin E.M. Hatton

Reviewed by Jacquie Rogers, author of Faery Special Romances

Sealed with a Kiss!

Celine Terreau, a Canadian marine biologist who just lost her boyfriend and her job, travels to the Isle of Skye off Scotland to study the seals. On the beach, she meets Ronan Morrison who takes her on an adventure she never would have dreamed.

Ms. Hatton skillfully weaves a romantic tale of loss and renewal that you won’t want to miss! “Where Sea Meets Skye” is one of the many wonderful stories in Blue Moon Magic and Blue Moon Enchantment. I’ll definitely want to read more from this new author!

Angels in the Moonlight
By Diane Davis White

So her wings are a little tarnished around the edges . . .

We first met Sadie, the Shady Angel, in No Law Against Love (Highland Press) and now she and her mentor, Pricilla are back in this delightfully penned romp, Angels in the Moonlight. Mission: bring Nathan and Olivia together for a Happily Ever After. Obstacle: Nathan refuses to even look at Olivia because he’s been hurt before, and she’s so beautiful, he knows she could hurt him even worse.

Anything can happen when a Blue Moon and two angels team up with Mel Torme. This is a rollicking good read, right down to Sadie’s red knickers. Ms. White has delivered another terrific story! You won’t want to miss Angels in Moonlight and fourteen other stories in Blue Moon Magic, and even more stories in Blue Moon Enchantment, both from Highland Press.

Under the Pale Moonlight
By Katherine Smith

Slow passion burns the hottest . . .

Arthur Cameron is in love with Alicia McCray. The problem is, he has a deformed foot and she’s the daughter of an earl. But Alicia has been in love with Arthur for years and has decided to make him admit his feelings for her. Can the Blue Moon heal Arthur’s heart and make him accept Alicia’s love?

Ms. Smith has written a charming historical story with a heart-stopping hero and a determined heroine that you won’t want to miss! Read this wonderful tale in Blue Moon Magic, and fifteen more stories in Blue Moon Enchantment, both published by Highland Press.

Ember’s Desire
By Meagan Hatfield

A runaway witch and a displaced god . . .

All Ember wants to do is run away from Wychwood and her mother’s coven, but her spell summons Balder from Hell, and Loki, too. Balder and Loki are sworn to kill one another. How can a witch who has never gotten the first thing right, protect the man she loves from the man he hates?

Meagan Hatfield weaves a mythological tale worthy of the gods--their fierceness and passion. An awesome read! Don’t miss this wonderful story in Blue Moon Magic, and fifteen more stories in Blue Moon Enchantment (Highland Press).

By Aysel Arwen

Reviewed by Jacquie Rogers, author of Faery Special Romances

An exquisitely touching tale of passion . . .

Bereft and orphaned, Emma MacPherson is trying to regain her footing in life, when she loses the only thing that matters to her—her mother’s wedding ring. In the shadow of the Blue Moon an incredibly handsome Scotsman happens along, finds the ring, and wheedles his way into Emma’s heart. Who is this mysterious Alexander Grant?

With the magic of Loch Ness and faeries, Ms. Arwen spins a yarn you won’t want to miss! Read this story and others in Blue Moon Magic, and fifteen more in Blue Moon Enchantment (Highland Press).

Enchantment By the Sea
By M. J. Sager

Reviewed by Jacquie Rogers, author of Faery Special Romances

Sparks under the Blue Moon . . .

Clara Barnes has a job to do—investigate Grayson Everett’s resort for the Montana Monthly. Having been burned in the past by an ill-timed love affair, Clara isn’t about to let smooth-talking Gray steal her heart and ruin her career. Again. Can Gray put together the shards of her broken heart and win her love?

Ms. Sager again wows us with another sensual story from the heart. Wonderful tale! Don’t miss this wonderful story in Blue Moon Magic, as well as fifteen more stories in Blue Moon Enchantment (Highland Press).

Suddenly You
By Jaquelin Lorin

Who is Mr. G?

Celine Chauvin, a portrait restoration artist, has been working on a painting the others dubbed “Mr. G.” She’s enthralled by him to the point her friends are worried. But never would anyone have ever dreamed that Celine would be swept back in time—and off her feet by Rhys Butler. Who knows what a Blue Moon can do?

Ms. Lorin pens a sweet, yet passionate story of two souls who were meant to be together. I’ll be looking forward to more of her stories! Read all the wonderful stories in Blue Moon Magic, and fifteen more in Blue Moon Enchantment (Highland Press).

Blue Moon and the Warrior
By Lee Roland

Enchanted on the carousel of love . . .

Allison gives her heart to Cahir, a warrior, in an enchanted carnival. Time doesn’t diminish her love for him, and no man can measure up. Until Richard Fallon. Will Allison have the courage to jump on the carousel with Richard?

I thoroughly enjoyed Allison’s journey from emptiness, to finding out what love really is, then losing it, and then . . . Ms. Roland has written an enthralling story with well-drawn characters. Read this story and others in Blue Moon Magic, and don’t miss fifteen more fine stories in Blue Moon Enchantment (Highland Press).

Midsummer Magic
By Kristi Ahlers

Captured by Blue Moon Magic . . .

Betrothed to a man she didn’t respect or like, Meredith escapes for a moment of respite and a moonlight swim. Ah, but it’s the Blue Moon so she closes her eyes and wishes for a daring knight on a mighty steed to rescue her. Laird Kieran Fraser is on his way home from increasing his livestock herd, but what he really wants is a lass to fill his heart with joy. Find out what happens with Kieran stops at the lake to water his stock. Will the Blue Moon work it’s magic?

Kristi Ahlers pens a tale that will warm your heart with this Scotsman and his English lass. You won’t want to miss this one! Read this and the other wonderful stories in Blue Moon Magic, and fifteen more stories in Blue Moon Enchantment (Highland Press).

Secret of the Blue Moon
By Billie Warren Chai

Reviewed by Jacquie Rogers, author of Faery Special Romances

A reunion of passion . . .

Dr. Zoey Blackstone can sew up a gut-shot man in the ER, but can’t heal her own wounded heart. Jake Runningbear lost Zoey, his one true love, twelve years earlier. Can two halves of a soul be reunited under the Blue Moon?

Billie Warren Chai’s debut story with Highland Press marks the beginning of a career to watch. Ms. Chai’s characters are fully developed and the tension is palpable. Don’t miss this and the other wonderful stories in Blue Moon Magic, and fifteen more stories in Blue Moon Enchantment (Highland Press).

The Darkness and the Dreams
By Kimberly Ivey

Paloma Delatorre lost her true love, Robert, to a drunk driver. As a hospital volunteer, she reads comatose man, David Hopkins. She has a strong connection with David but doesn’t understand it. Still, when a long-lost relative decides to pull the plug on his life support, Paloma and Grandma Bikini save the day. Can Paloma find her true love again?

Ms. Ivey has written and engaging story--poignant, yet humorous. Definitely a must read! Don’t miss this and the other wonderful stories in Blue Moon Magic, and fifteen more stories in Blue Moon Enchantment (Highland Press).

The Healer
By Leanne Burroughs


We fell in love with Agnes and Warwick in HIGHLAND WISHES, and finally we get to read their story. Agnes, the healer, lives in a hut in the woods. Warwick is a warrior for Grant Drummond. Can two lonely people, kept alone by circumstances not of their making, fill each other’s hearts with happiness?

Ms. Burroughs has outdone herself with this story of an older couple’s journey to true love. Tender, touching, and passionate, The Healer will captivate you until the very last word—and then you’ll want more! Besides these wonderful stories in Blue Moon Magic, Ms. Burroughs has written another fine tale, “The Anti-Kissing Club,” in Blue Moon Enchantment (Highland Press).

In the Space of a Heartbeat
By Keelia Greer

Reviewed by Jacquie Rogers, author of Faery Special Romances

Trevor Kerrin makes Malania Knight’s fangs quiver with pleasure, and that’s dangerous because her mission (from Central Galaxy Intelligence Authority) is to protect Trevor and his work at Life Blood Corporation no matter what the cost. When she’s called on to exterminate Zelik, their arch enemy, will justice conquer evil? Will love conquer all?

Keelia Greer pens a gripping tale of action, adventure, and love! Don’t miss this and the other wonderful stories in Blue Moon Magic, and fifteen more stories in Blue Moon Enchantment (Highland Press).

Rider in the Storm
By DeborahAnne MacGillivray

Reviewed by Jacquie Rogers, author of Faery Special Romances

Ciara MacIain has mourned her fiancé, Derek, for seven long years. Roark Fraser Devlin has looked for his memories and the woman he loved for those same seven years. Can the Blue Moon’s magic help two souls unite and find the happiness they both deserve?

DeborahAnne MacGillivray has written a story of true love and passion, of longing and loyalty. This tale will stay with you long after you’ve closed the book! Don’t miss her other story, “Devil in Spurs” in Blue Moon Enchantment (Highland Press).

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Jacquie Rogers in Blue Moon Enchantment!

a short story by
When Mules Rush In is a western fantasy and features Merlin--you might remember him from King Arthur. Well, now he's a matchmaking mule who has his hooves full with a sassy chicken named DeborahAnne.
What the critique say:

The title may be When Mules Rush In, but readers should rush in to read this hilariously funny story, expertly penned by Jacquie Rogers. Ms Rogers spins a yarn of love and desire between a gambler in a Stetson and a debutante carrying a hoe, while a determined mule named Merlin stirs up magic with his tail, along with the help of a bossy chicken named DeborahAnne. When Mules Rush In is the story of salvation that unites lovers, both mortal and immortal, while being a ripping comedy sure to make the reader laugh out loud.
Reviewed by Ann Marie Bradley
author of My Hero, My Dad
in the Voice of a Soldier Anthology

Friday, March 17, 2006

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Can you
Race for
the Cure®?
As you know, No Law Against Love was written with love in support of the fight against breast cancer. Sixteen authors from three continents, including former Boise resident, Jacquie Rogers, penned twenty-four stories to create this wonderful anthology. ALL net profit goes to breast cancer research and prevention., donated by Highland Press, so I've been doing my best to make this book available to everyone. Breast cancer research gets money and you get to read twenty-four happy endings. What a deal!
In support of this worthy cause, I'll also be participating in the 8th Annual Komen Boise Race for the Cure®. I have my No Law Against Love T-shirt and I'm ready to go!

Saturday, February 04, 2006


The Hurricane Strikes Again

I'm Hurricane Mercedes, Public Relations Specialist. Every once in a while, you have to give away a freebie, especially for a worthy cause.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to a fantastic book written for a fantastic cause. No Law Against Love is an anthology of 24 stories about silly laws written by 16 authors who have donated their royalties to the American Cancer Society, earmarked for breast cancer research.

Jacquie Rogers wrote two stories for the anthology: Faery Good Advice and Single Girls Can't Jump. And aren't we lucky! because on March 24 (or 25), there will be a booksigning at Hastings Books, Music & Video. I'll let you know more about that later. Keely (the star of Faery Good Advice) will have her Faery Good Bath Salts available.

No Law Against Love is published by Highland Press and is trade paper, Perfect Bound. The book is also available as an eBook. The publisher, the editors, and the authors all donated their time and effort (and money) to make a difference in the lives of all women. Special thanks goes to Leanne Burroughs and DeborahAnne MacGillivray for all their efforts in getting this project underway.

May Good Things Happen Always,

The Hurricane